Region 6 Equipment Inspections

NWSA Equipment Verification Process

For the 2024 VIPR IBPA Solicitations the following resources will be up for renewal:

  • Misc. Heavy Equipment- Feller Buncher, Boom Mounted Mulcher/Masticator, Road Grader & Strip Mulcher/Masticator
  • Potable- ALL Potable Water Trucks
  • To request an inspection by NWSA complete the (click on the link in bold black) NWSA Equipment Fillable Inspection Request
  • Submit the request back to the NWSA office by fax at 1-866-854-8186 or email at
  • We will assign an inspector who will contract you to set up time.
  • Once completed we will submit to the CO, and send you a copy.
  • We will also maintain a copy in our office.
  • REMINDER – Must be paid in advance of the inspection and bring the receipt to the inspection site with you. See at the bottom of this page to make payment.

How to Prepare

What to bring with you to the inspection:

  • Bring with you a copy of your award sheet showing the Vin Number and equipment info.
  • Bring with you a copy of the Certified Weight Tickets that you submitted to the USFS for your solicitation.. If this applies to what you are having inspected.
  • Bring a completed and Signed DOT Inspection Form or Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) on pieces of equipment where one is required.
  • Be sure that the name on the equipment matches the name on the Solicitation Page.
  • You must bring a receipt showing that you have paid for your inspections in advance, we will keep a copy with your records.
  • Replacements:  If you are doing a replacement on a prior year solicitation, we need to know which piece you are replacing on the old agreement.  Provide the inspector with the Equip. ID and the VIN number for the old and new one

Inspection Types

    • Replacements  –
        • Should be done during the rollover period.
        • We need a copy Resource Summary Sheet for the old equipment. They can get that by going to VIPR, then My Resources Tab and then Resource Summary Sheet is there for each piece you have solicited for.
        • Write Replacement in Big Letters on the top of the Inspection Sheet and send us the completed inspection forms as well as the Summary Sheet so we can let Contracting Officer know what you are replacing and with what.
        • Replacement done after the Open Enrollment (April 30th) there is no guarantee of getting on the DPL for this year.
  • EERA equipment (Not signed up on VIPR agreements)that is something the USFS Solicits for like Heavy Equipment/ Water Tender, etc. we do have to do inspections on those as well.
    • Waterhandling Equipment CANNOT Be signed up on EERA (too much equipment on VIPR so they do not due EERA’s)
    • There is a link for Non-VIPR Equipment List that they can complete prior to getting an inspection at
    • This EERA list will not be dispatched off of unless they exhaust all VIPR equipment first.
    • These inspections can be done anytime

Region 6 will only be doing random selection for inspections for Waterhandling Agreement Only!

2024 NWSA Region 6 Equipment Inspectors

NWSA will forward requests to the inspector and they will contact you to make appointments. Please note that any mileage fee that is accrued by the inspector if they need to travel to you will be taken care of directly with the inspector not NWSA. You will however need to pay us directly for the inspection fee prior to the inspection date. See the Fee Schedule section below to pay for the inspection.

J.D Rents
John Day, Washington , Columbia River Area, Burns

Don Moss
Baker, La Grande, Ontario, Vale, Nyssa, Fossil, Pendleton, Bend, Redmond, Prineville, Madras

Jeff Loogman

Southern Oregon, Willamette Valley

Fee Schedule


Weedwashing                      $150.00

Handwashing:                      $150.00

Vehicle w/ Driver:                 $150.00

Heavy Equipment:                $250.00

Misc. Heavy Equipment        $250.00

Mechanic w/ Service Truck:   $250.00

Fuel Tenders:                         $250.00

Waterhandling:                     $250.00

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