NWSA Instructors

Training Administrator

The training administrator oversees all instructors and courses offered through NWSA. This position focuses on promoting safety throughout the industry and the administrator must believe and teach that the safe way to do a job is the only way.

  • Maintain current list
  • Assist NWSA instructors with training issues
  • Advise members of changes in qualification system
  • Coordinate  NWSA sponsored courses
  • Monitor the quality of the NWSA training program
  • Maintain a professional relationship with Agency representatives
  • Stay current on latest policies and events that affect NWSA and its members.
  • Contact Training Administrator at 1-503-897-6150 or by email at nwsatraining@nwsa.us

Adjunct Instructors

  • Adjunct instructors bring specialized expertise. Provide limited, specialized instruction
  • Experienced, proficient and knowledgeable in current issues related to their expertise
  • Considerable fire experience and teaching experience in fire suppression, fire behavior and ICS

For more info call our NWSA Office at 1-877-676-6972  or email nwsa@nwsa.us



Lead Instructors

  • Lead instructors bring a wealth of experience to the classroom
  • Experience presenting in all units
  •  32 hours of instructor training
  •  Qualifications exceed those taught in classroom
  •  Five years of teaching experience
  •  Quality fire experience documented by individual performance ratings
  •  Teach in 100, 200 and some 300 level courses
  •  Certified based on Field Managers Course Guide

Unit Instructors

Unit instructors have significant experience related to course content.

  •  Experience in their area of specialization
  •  Completed S-290 Intermediate Fire Behavior
  •  Held a Single Resource Boss or higher position
  •  Demonstrated instructorship capabilities
  •  Quality fire experience documented by individual performance ratings
  •  Teach and assist in 100 and 200-level courses.