Current Members



Interested in becoming a Wildland Firefighter?

Our members hire and train Wildland firefighters. Check with each company to see if they are hiring and what their requirements are. The Contracts they work under require certain training in order to attain status as a Wildland firefighter. NWSA certifies the instructors that provide that training to the companies for their employees.

Current Members

1-A Construction

1st Choice Contracting, Inc

3 B's Forestry Inc

3 Rivers Contracting LLC

4-Q Timber LLC

A Team Wildfire

A-1 Firestorm LLC

A-1 Services PWMSGW

A&H Forestry LLC

A1 Aquaduct

Abel Fire Equipment

Abel Services, LLC

Abraham Contracting


Adventure Medics

Alan & Daryl's Vacuum Truck Service, LLC

Alaska Wildland Support

All Phase Electrical Construction LLC

Alliance Wildland Fire & Suppression

Allied Water Services

Allied Water Services

Allison, LLC

Alpine Forestry, LLC

Alvord Fire Suppression LLC

American Conservation Experience

American Fire Company LLC

American Medical Response NW

Apex Forest & Wildfire Services Ltd

Arrowhead Forestry LLC

Ash Kickers

ASI Arden Solutions

Aspect Emergency Support LLC

Associated Oregon Loggers

Atherly Contracting, LLC


Austin Fire

Aye Garcia LLC

B&B Fire Suppression

B&D Mobile Support, LLC

Backlund Logging Co

Bailey Enterprises Inc

Baldwin Forestry, LLC

Baremore Repair

Bella Wildfire

Bigfoot Fire

Birrueta Reforestation Inc

Blue Mountain Contracting, Inc.

Bohica Brothers Fire LLC

Bordges Timber Inc

Bowman Leasing Inc

Bratcher Services LLC

Breckfire LLC

Brink Brothers Inc.

Brothers Fire LLC

Bruce Young Logging

Brunoe Logging LLC

C.S.R Enterprises LLC

C&K Wildland Fire, LLC

C&R Reforestation

C2C Wildfire Inc.

Calderon Forest Service LLC

Canyon Vista Emergency Services

Capstone Fire Management Inc.

Cascadia Fire Service LLC

Central Valley Fire LLC

Certified Wild Fire Mechanics Inc.

Chewack Wildfire

Chloeta Fire

Clearwater Fire Support Inc.

Coho Forestry

Contract Water Wagons

Cooper Contracting Inc.

Coria Contracting Inc.

Cornelius Farms, LLC

Craig Oil Co.

Crown Chaser Wildland Firefighters

Cut Rite Inc.

Cutting Edge Construction

DaKom Logging

Dare Enterprises

David A. Huffman

Davis Corporation

DB Jet Enterprises

DC Fire, LLC

Deschutes UBoat

Diamond Fire:

Dirt Phobia LLC

Doherty Fence LLC

Don Moss Enterprises

Dragon Fighters Inc.

Eagle Cap Contracting LLC

Eagle Cap Forest Management

Earl Mortimore

Earth Industries LLC

Eastern Oregon Training Group

Eaton's True Grit Ranch

El Rincon Forestry, Inc.

Engle Contracting LLC

F&F Farm & Reforestation LLC

Falcon Resources, Inc.

Fenix Forestry LLC

Fern Hill Land Clearing, LLC

Fire Works LLC

Firestorm Wildland Fire Suppression

First Strike Environmental

Flashback Fire

Franco Reforestation, Inc.

Fyr Fly Ltd.

G.C.T. Land Management

GE Forestry Inc.

GFP Enterprises LLC

Giovanini Trucking

Global Support and Development

God and Country Tree Service, LLC

Granite Commercial Services

Grayback Forestry, Inc.

Ground Zero Timber Fallers

Gumpert Contracting Inc.

H.I.S. Design

H2O Oregon LLC

Hattenhauer Energy Co. LLC

Hek Jones LLC

High Country Fire LLC

High Rim Hauling

High Sierra Fire Inc.

Hillside Fire & Forestry

Hines Cutting, Inc.

Horizon Development

ICE Burns

Illira Group

Imperial Forestry Inc.

Independent Log Company

Initial Attack Resources

Inland Forest Management

J. Franco Reforestation

J.C. Orozco Reforestation

J.L. & S Contracting

J.O. Int'l Reforestation, Inc

J&D Logging & Contracting, LLC

J3 Contracting

Jacksonville Pump LLC

JD Forestry, LLC

JLC Contracting


JSW Logging LLC

JTS Construction Inc.

Keith Whitehead Reforestation

Kenneth Speakman Enterprises

Kite Solutions, LLC

Kleinworth & Co. Wildfire Enterprises LLC

Knight Fire Rescue Consulting

L&L Excavating

Lane Parry Forestry Consulting

Late Summers Wildfire LLC

Lava River Forestry, Inc

Leonard P. Osburn

Lomakatsi Ecological Services

Lone Elk Fire LLC

Lone Wolf Wildfire LLC

Lost River Fire Mgmt Serv., Inc.

Marty's Tree Service

Mast Machinery, Inc.

Mike's Water Truck Service

Mill Creek Enterprises

Miller Timber Services, Inc.

Millerville Fire

Moore & Hueckman

Mosqueda Reforestation

Mountain View Tree Service

Mountaineers Fire Crews

MP Forestry Inc.

Mt. Emily Engine Company LLC

Natural Asset Protection Agency

North Reforestation Inc.

North Zone Fallers Inc.

Northstate Equipment Rental Co.

Northwoods Equipment LLC

Novaganix LLC

OC Forestry, Inc.

Organizational Quality Associates Inc.

Outback Skidgines

Outback Wildfire

Pacific Coast Contracting Inc.

Pacific Oasis Inc.

Pacific Ridgeline Forestry

PatRick Environmental, Inc.

Paulton Enterprises:

Phillip Remsberg Logging

Pickering Pyro Protection LLC

Ponderosa Reforestation Inc.

Port Blakely Tree Farms

Prometheus Fire Consulting LLC

R Franco Restoration Inc.

R&R Contracting


Raley's Forestry & Wildfire Management

Red Rock Fire LLC

Ring Of Fire Consutling, LLC

Riverbanks Building Supply

Robert Bates

Rocky Mountain Fire Company

Rogue Fire Logistics LLC

Rogue River Fire & Water

Rude Logging

Ruff, Co.- Fire Systems Solutions

Rundell Inc.

S.A. Schuyler & Sons Inc.

Santucci Ranch Turf LLC

Scott Marshall Trucking

Sierra Torres Services Inc.

Smoked Goose Consulting LLC:

Spence Industrial Wildfire LLC


Statewide Contract Services LLC

Steelhead Enterprises LLC

Storm Services, LLC

Stout Mountain LLC

Stukel Saw Shop

Sundance Fire Suppression

Swedberg Contracting Corp.

Table Rock Forestry, Inc.

The Forestry and Fire Recruitment Program

The Tree Service

The Watershed Center

Timber Basin Contractors LLC

Timbered Rangeland Management LLC

Timberland Helicopters, Inc.

Timmermann Wildland Fire Services, LLC

TJ Forestry Contracting LLC

Tom Fery Farm, Inc.

Top Gun Lightening & Industrial Supplies

Torres Contracting, Inc.

Tri Cities Forestry

Tri-Co Inc.

Troy Fire Service

Two Crows Wildland Inc.

United Fallers Organization LLC

Urban Forest Tree Service LLC

Utah Fire Company Inc.

Valley Timber Resource Inc.

Volcano Creek Enterprises Inc.

Wapiti Forestry

Water Dog Tenders

West Coast Reforestation

West Coast Wildfire LLC

West Coast Wildland Strike Team

Western Heavy Haul Inc.

Westward Wildfire LLC

Wild Fire Services Inc.

Wild Horse Disaster Response

Wildcat Fire Services Inc.

Wilderness Medics Inc.

Wildfire Water Solutions, LLC

Wildlands Fire Service Inc.

Willamette Valley Reforestation,Inc.

Wilson Farm, LLC

Wolf Rock Wildland Fire Suppression LLC

Wolfhound Water


Work Horse Inc.

Wy east Wildlands LLC

Wyeast Forestry Management, LLC

Xtreme Wildland Inc.

Yellow Jacket Fire Equipment

Zebs Tree Service

Zombie Water