National Wildfire Suppression Association

We represent over 300 private wildland fire services contractors.

Region 6


For the 2024 Solicitations, the USFS will be randomly selecting vendors for a POST AWARD “Hands On” inspection for Misc. Heavy Equipment/ Potable & Gray Water Truck/Handwash Stations Trailer Mounted. They will not be requiring 100% inspection for all vendors. This will NOT include a mechanical inspection only a Compliance Inspection by the MOU Equipment Inspector Provider of your choice.

Record Inspections Region 6 Equipment Instructions

NWSA has proven over and over that they care about excellence and taking care of every agency and individual involved in fighting these fires.

Rapid Response and Quality Support

When the magnitude of an event exceeds agency resources, these agencies can call in reinforcements from professional wildland fire contractors: 20-person firefighting crews, timber faller modules, engines, tenders and other specialized equipmen