November 13, 2018

California Wildfire Suppression Efforts

National Wildfire Suppression Association Member Company Crews Engaged in California Wildfire Suppression Efforts

November 13, 2018 – The professional private fire companies of the National Wildfire Suppression Association (NWSA) stand ready to provide supplemental support in partnership with State and Federal agencies.

“During the ‘shoulder season’ of late fall and early winter, the State and Federal fire agencies may not have as many seasonal resources available for fire suppression and that is when the Professional Private Fire Service can really assist,” explains NWSA Executive Director Debbie Miley. “The professional private fire companies have deep partnerships with the agencies allowing quick dispatch of needed supplemental resources.”

Professional private fire companies maintain well-trained, professional crews year-round for fuels mitigation and forestry management work usually done in the off-season.

NWSA member hand crews and engine crews have already been dispatched to help in suppression efforts on the Camp Fire in northern California. The NWSA professional private fire companies have, to date, sent 20 hand crews and 14 pieces of equipment to the Camp Fire.

Equipment includes water handling resources have been dispatched, the includes engines working the front lines as well as hand crews. Hand crews are a 20-person team that can perform in many capacities including front line initial attack as well as searching out hot spots. Crews work up to 16 hours a day for 14-day stretches at a time alongside our agency partners.

“The continued fire threat in California means that fire crews from NWSA member companies, alongside our State and Federal agency partners, will all be protecting life and property on Thanksgiving,” adds Miley. “Our private professional fire companies understand that doing the job you love means that you may have to spend a holiday in camp in the wilderness.”

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