Board Member

Mike Edrington

Mike currently is a partner with Organizational Quality Associates, and spends a signicant amount of his time teaching.  He retired from his role in Region as the USFS Fire & Aviation Director.

Mike has spent many years trying to improve the quality, safety and professionalism of the wildland fire services.

Mike holds a degree in forest recreation from Colorado State University with a minor in forestry (1968). Graduate course work in forest recreation at Utah State University and forest protection at Colorado State University. Graduate of Colorado Law Enforcement Training Academy.

Incident leadership and command. Ten years as single resource and unit leader, 12 years as Type I and II Incident Commander and command and general staff, 16 years as a National Area Commander and 17 years as a
MAC Group Coordinator.

Seventeen years as instructor and unit leader for the NWCG courses of S-520 and S-620 (Advanced Incident Management and Area Command).
Instructor and course coordinator for NWCG course of S-420 (Command and General Staff).