Board Member

Cris Lumbreras

Cris is a native Oregonian, he graduated from high school in Independence Oregon, where he has resided his entire life. He started working at a fairly young age on local farms. The day after graduating from high school, he went to work doing Fuel abatement treatment on the Umpqua National Forest near Diamond Lake, Oregon. From 1987 through the present, he has worked mostly in the forests of the Northwestern United States. Cris started fighting fires for Bruce, and Barbara Ferguson (Ferguson Management Company) nearly 30 years ago. Cris is a Qualified Crew Boss and Engine Boss and still goes out occasionally on crews to insure quality control is maintained.

Cris Lumbreras is the president of Fremont Forest Systems Inc. which he founded in August of 1989. His company has had numerous contracts with the U.S. Forest Service, the State of Oregon, and Private Timber companies. In addition to managing his company, he also manages equipment and field operations for Arden Solutions Inc.

He has worked in the reforestation industry since 1987and has extensive experience as a Crew Boss as well as a Crew Representative on fires. In the summer of 1992, Cris’ company (FFSI) was a contractor on a Forest Service Fuel Abatement project when fires broke out near Grants Pass, Oregon, and his crew was recruited to help fight fire. His fire experience extends back 27 years as a leader of fire crews.