NWSA President

Claren Nilsson

Claren spent 9 years working for the Department of Interior when she married Winston Nilsson of Tulelake California. She transferred to work as an Engine Captain at Lava Beds National Monument where she helped develop and implement prescribed fire.

In 1995 Founded Lost River Fire Management Services, Inc. which is a multi-faceted forestry service company, created to help fill the niche created by federal downsizing and on-site operations are conducted under her supervision to ensure the highest job quality, responsible for all contracts, bidding, hiring, training and implementation of all crew projects. Claren is an RXB1, OPSC2 and ICT3. She is a firm believer in “lead by example.” Located on the state line between R5 and R6 the company has the unique opportunity to understand working requirements of both regions.

She has been a NWSA member since 1995, R5 Chapter Chair in 2010 and NWSA Board Member since 2005.