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Record Inspections

NWSA Record Verification Process for VIPR Vendors

Personnel Inspected for 2022 VIPR Agreements:

  • Engine Personnel
  • Fallers
  • EMT’s
  • Be sure to download the appropriate checklist below to send in with your records.
  • Engine Personnel (if previously verified and no changes in position you just need the current RT 130 certificate , the Pack Test Sheet and completed inspection list.)
  • Fallers (If previously verified you just need the RT 130 Date and the Pack test sheet along with the completed Inspection Form)
  • If you have a ODF Crew Agreement, we will also inspect your FFT2’s as ODF does not inspect FFT2’s and if you might use them on engines they must be inspected. ODF WILL NOT BE INSPECTING ENGINE BOSSES THIS YEAR.
  • Note: On Faller’s we are NOT verifying level of faller qualification, only verifying that they have had the the appropriate training and if appropriate the RT130 this year if the Basic Firefighter Course was taken in a previous year, and that they have a current pack test for the year.
  • Copy of Accepted Providers list ensure that all certificate you are submitted are on the accepted list.
  • Accepted Training Providers

Fee Schedule

NWSA Members will pay:
$15.00 for Initial Inspection on Employee/or Position Move-Up
$8.50 for Follow up inspection with no changes in Position

Non NWSA members will pay:
Flat fee of $15.00 per person

How do I submit my records?

You may submit them electronically via EMAIL or FAX directly to the inspector or you may mail hard COPIES to the inspector (DO NOT MAIL ORIGINALS). If you are emailing please use PDF format, you can download free PDF995 to email your records here:

Please fill out this form and complete and send to the record inspector of you choice (see list of record inspectors below)

You must make payment before submitted records (do that below), and submit a copy of the receipt with your records to the inspector.  If you neglect to send everything or there are issues with your records, you MAY BE CHARGED FOR ADDITIONAL TIME!

You may schedule an appointment to take hard COPIES (not originals) to the inspector. IF copies are not provided at this appointment, the appointment may be cancelled until you are able to provide them at your expense.

If you have a large number of employee records (30 or More) records, you may make arrangement with the NWSA office for in-house inspections to be billed by the hour including travel costs. Those must be approved by the NWSA office prior to inspections and a minimum will be required.

Attached is the NWSA Inspection Process.

Prior to contacting and submitting your records to one of our Inspectors you will need to make payment and include a copy of your receipt with your records. You can make payment online below, or you may include a check made out to NWSA with your records. There will be a $30.00 charge will be made on any returned checks.

Below is a list or our inspectors:

Jerry Lauer

Mel Wann

Jim Holroyd

Kevin Crowell
Salem Area

How do I send my records?

See the checklist below. If moving up to FFT1 or Engine Boss, we must have copies of the CTR’s showing utilization as FFT1 Trainee or Engine Boss Trainee with 3 fires and fifteen shifts. If they took online courses we need a copy of the Online Certificates they received.

  • Excerpt from Agreement on Contractor File Content here.
  • Checklist for first time verification or move up in position (PDF Format) here.
  • Download this checklist for previously inspected returning firefighters with no change in position (PDFVersion) here.

Payment Instructions

You must make payment here prior to submitting your records to an inspector, please include a copy of your receipt with your records when sending them in. Please use the drop-down menu below to make payment here with PayPal or Credit Card.

Record Verifications
Inspector Name: