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NWSA President

Lee founded Miller Timber Services, Inc. in 1982. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Forestry Engineering from Oregon Status University. He was awarded OSU College of Forestry’s Outstanding Alumnus Award in 2011 and was named Associated Oregon Loggers’ Logger of the Year for 2010. Today, Lee acts as president of Miller Timber Services and is an active member of the Oregon forestry community. Lee oversees and is actively engaged in all aspects of the wildland fire suppression effort at Miller Timber Services, from planning through execution. He also acts as a Single Resource Boss during fire season.

Miller Timber Services is a family-owned, small business with 31 years of forest management experience. Miller Timber is a well-diversified forestry services company, providing comprehensive professional forestry and emergency services for private landowners and government agencies. Fire suppression resources provided my Miller Timber Services include hand crews, engines, water tenders, professional timber fallers, heavy equipment and equipment transport.

NWSA President Armeritus

In 1971 he started in Business as a partner in PatRick Environmental.  In 1974 it was incorporated and Rick has held the position of President since that time. 

PatRick was the first private sector Corporation to successfully complete prescribed fire contracts with USFS and BLM in the late 70’s and early 80’s. 

Rick served in Vietnam in the Army as an SSG.  He attended Portland Community College, Portland State and University of Oregon.  His major was education. 

PatRick Corporation is the current name of the business and Rick still resides as President. His company currently has Type 2 IA Hand Crews, Type 2 Regional Crews, and Waterhandling Equipment with bases in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and North Carolina. 

Rick’s fire experience started in 1966 and continues today.  Rick is a Founding member of the National Wildfire Suppression Association, was Chairman of the Training Committee from 1989-1993.  Rick has been President of NWSA for 28 years of the last 33 years.   Rick’s commitment to the “Big Picture” for the industry has helped NWSA gain it’s recognition on a national level. 

He is committed to the success of the private Wildland fire services nationally and has spent tireless hours promoting the industry as a whole.

NWSA Vice President

Claren spent 9 years working for the Department of Interior when she married Winston Nilsson of Tulelake California. She transferred to work as an Engine Captain at Lava Beds National Monument where she helped develop and implement prescribed fire.

In 1995 Founded Lost River Fire Management Services, Inc. which is a multi-faceted forestry service company, created to help fill the niche created by federal downsizing and on-site operations are conducted under her supervision to ensure the highest job quality, responsible for all contracts, bidding, hiring, training and implementation of all crew projects. Claren is an RXB1, OPSC2 and ICT3. She is a firm believer in “lead by example.” Located on the state line between R5 and R6 the company has the unique opportunity to understand working requirements of both regions.

She has been a NWSA member since 1995, R5 Chapter Chair in 2010 and NWSA Board Member since 2005.


As the current President and Operations Manager for Firestorm, Jess started with his father Jim in 1997 right after high school graduation. Jess started as a rookie on a 20 person handcrew and within six years was a certified Single Resource Crew Boss running his own twenty person crew while working double duty to take over the operation management position. In 2007, Jess was able to relinquish his Crew Superintendent position to other up and coming young leaders in the organization, whom he had helped train, and then stepped into the role as the Business and Operations Manager.

Jess still enjoys getting out and working with the firefighters on the ground, but as Firestorm has become much more than just a wildland firefighting agency, most of his time is found working on the future of Firestorm and being one step ahead. Jess sits on the Board and Advisory Board for Firestorm. He also serves as a Board Member for the National Wildfire Suppression Association.

Board Member at Large

Mike currently is a partner with Organizational Quality Associates, and spends a signicant amount of his time teaching.  He retired from his role in Region as the USFS Fire & Aviation Director.

Mike has spent many years trying to improve the quality, safety and professionalism of the wildland fire services. 

Mike holds a degree in forest recreation from Colorado State University with a minor in forestry (1968). Graduate course work in forest recreation at Utah State University and forest protection at Colorado State University. Graduate of Colorado Law Enforcement Training Academy.

Incident leadership and command. Ten years as single resource and unit leader, 12 years as Type I and II Incident Commander and command and general staff, 16 years as a National Area Commander and 17 years as a 
MAC Group Coordinator.

Seventeen years as instructor and unit leader for the NWCG courses of S-520 and S-620 (Advanced Incident Management and Area Command). 
Instructor and course coordinator for NWCG course of S-420 (Command and General Staff).

Board Member at Large

Robin was born, and grew up in Winston, Oregon (yes – there is a pioneer connection). He is 55 and has been married to his wife Kathy for 10 years.

Robin has been involved with the NWSA since its inception. He has been in business as Owner of C & R Reforestation since 1980.

Robin sponsored and organized the first Forest Fire Suppression Seminars in 1989 in Roseburg, Oregon where over 300 fire fighters from the logging, reforestation and local construction industry were able to receive a certificate for entry level firefighting using instructors from the Forest Service, BLM, and Oregon Department of Forestry.

Robin has been active in Kiwanis, Roseburg Moose Lodge, was Past Alumni Board President of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity at Oregon State University and Past Advisor for Douglas County Search and Rescue, Explorer Post. He has been a Lead Instructor for Wildland Fire training with the NWSA since 1990, currently serving on the NWSA Training Committee. Hobbies include fishing, spending time at his home and garden on 4 acres in Aurora, Oregon and helping those in need in his community.


Board Member at Large

Tom Fery lives in Stayton,Oregon with his wife Brenda and son Jordan. They have 7 other children and 8 grandchildren. Tom began his career in fire in 1979 as a member of the Stayton Fire Department, achieving the rank of lieutenant training officer. Tom went on to graduate from Oregon State University in 1989. He began his contracting work in fire in 1998, and joined the NWSA in 2001. His company Tom Fery Farm, Inc. currently has 5 hand crews under contract through the R6 crew agreement. Tom is very passionate about the land being a lifelong farmer and forester.

Board Member at Large

Tim Bordges spent ten years as an equipment operator, faller and truck driver before starting Bordges Timber in 1986. Bordges Timber began as a salvage logger where he purchased salvage timber from BLM & USFS. Working with federal contracts, it gave the company an opportunity to assist in Fire Suppression. Back then there seemed to be a large fire every ten years or so. In 2000 Bordges Timber salvage sales declined and fires increased in both frequency and days worked, the company was able to devote their equipment and skills to fire suppression and fuels management. 

Tim serves as president of Bordges Timber Inc., where today they hold equipment contracts in USFS RS, USFA R4, Cal Fire and Oregon Dept of Forestry. We strive to hire responsible qualified operators to provide quality work with sound business ethics. Tim held the position of past president of ACL and is a member of Associated California Loggers, California Forestry Association, California Cattlemen Association and Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

Board Member - National Contract Resource Chapter Chair

Mike started out by working for the 10 years with the USFS in various capacities including Smoke Jumper, Heli-Tack, and Hotshot crew member. During the winter months of this time he ran a portable sawmill and did some gypo logging. In 1979 he formed Grayback Forestry after a knee injury in 1981 disabled him from smoke jumping anymore. Grayback Forestry started contacting full time with the agencies specializing in cone collections, reforestation, wildfire suppression and fuels work. In 1986 they opened a base in Libby, Montana in addition to the Merlin, Oregon location. The Montana base is now located in Missoula with other facilities in Merlin, Oregon, – John Day, Oregon, and La Grande, Oregon. Mike was one of the first members of NWSA, and he has been a board member since the early 90’s.

Mike’s company operates a multitude of fire resources including Type 2 IA Hand crews, Type 2 Regional Crews, water handling equipment, fallers and specialized equipment in Oregon and Montana.

His current roles are:

-Board Member at large for the National Wildfire Suppression Association.

-Chairman, NWSA National Resource Contract Chapter

Manual Franco
Board Member at Large

Manual has been in the Forestry Industry for over 30 years with his roots in reforestation.  He started providing wildland fire crews in the 1990’s.  As founder and President of Franco Reforestation he currently provides multiple crews and fire equipment in support of Reforestation and wildland fire suppression efforts.

His base of operation is in Aumsville, Oregon.

Jeremy Dice - Board Member at Large

Jeremy Dice has spent his entire professional  career in the wildfire firefighting industry. His first fire season was in 1987, working for PatRick on an Oregon Department of Forestry fires in Southern Oregon.  In Jeremy’s 35 years in the industry he has worked his way up from a basic firefighter to the CEO of Patrick Environmental.  Jeremy understands all aspects of the private wildland fire service and the responsibilities that come with being a leader in the industry.  Jeremy has a passion for wildland firefighting and taking care of the firefighters, and looks forward to serving on the NWSA Board of Directors.

Board Member at Large

Cris is a native Oregonian, he graduated from high school in Independence Oregon, where he has resided his entire life. He started working at a fairly young age on local farms. The day after graduating from high school, he went to work doing Fuel abatement treatment on the Umpqua National Forest near Diamond Lake, Oregon. From 1987 through the present, he has worked mostly in the forests of the Northwestern United States. Cris started fighting fires for Bruce, and Barbara Ferguson (Ferguson Management Company) nearly 30 years ago. Cris is a Qualified Crew Boss and Engine Boss and still goes out occasionally on crews to insure quality control is maintained.

Cris Lumbreras is the president of Fremont Forest Systems Inc. which he founded in August of 1989. His company has had numerous contracts with the U.S. Forest Service, the State of Oregon, and Private Timber companies. In addition to managing his company, he also manages equipment and field operations for Arden Solutions Inc.

He has worked in the reforestation industry since 1987and has extensive experience as a Crew Boss as well as a Crew Representative on fires. In the summer of 1992, Cris’ company (FFSI) was a contractor on a Forest Service Fuel Abatement project when fires broke out near Grants Pass, Oregon, and his crew was recruited to help fight fire. His fire experience extends back 27 years as a leader of fire crews.

Board Member at Large

My wife (Karla) and I started Wild Fire Services Inc in 2003 with 1 hand crew. We are now holding agreements for 2 hand crews, 4 engines, 2 shower units on EERA and a few other miscellaneous pieces of equipment. We also provide environmental cleanup services throughout the United States during times of natural and man made disasters. I look forward to providing my knowledge and insight to the betterment of the wild fire industry.